What is WyoLink?

WyoLink is Wyoming’s Statewide, Public Safety, Interoperable Radio Communications System.

A Statewide System:  Participating public safety agencies within Wyoming are able to communicate within and outside their home areas, as they are on a shared radio system.

A Public-Safety System:  A system intended for the use of agencies whose mission is to protect the lives of their neighbors and respond to emergencies.

A Statewide System:  Public safety agencies will have direct communications, when needed, to operate with one another across disciplines and jurisdictions.

A Radio Communications System:  A system designed to exchange short operational voice and data messages, in real time. WyoLink is for mobile users, and is not intended to be a replacement for wire-line telephone systems, cell phones or full Internet access.

Multi-Agency Talkgroups (MATS):  Regional use of MAT talkgroups as Mutual Aid. By using the primary regional MAT talkgroups (7 regions), Federal, State and Local agencies have a resource for interoperable communications for all users. The WyoLink office has made provisions allowing these talkgroups to be available to all users.

Maintenance of the Infrastructure:  The WyoLink Support Office with the assistance of WYDOT Emergency Communications is responsible for maintaining the system infrastructure.  WyoLink includes a 24/7, 365-day monitoring system of all WyoLink infrastructure and systems.  The WyoLink Support Center is available 24/7 by calling 307-777-9565.

Coordinated Emergency Response

The primary concern of public safety agencies is the safety and protection of Wyoming citizens. The greater the crisis and the more dire the consequences, the more Wyoming public safety agencies need an efficient, coordinated response. 

To effectively aid the public, these agencies must function as a team. First responders need real-time communication to get the job done. Emergencies rarely respect geographic boundaries or jurisdictions. 

Public safety agencies from every level of service — state, local and federal — need day-to-day interoperability to be able to talk to one another.

WyoLink Feedback Form

The below link has been established to better improve user experience with WyoLink. The form provides a communication path between a user and the WyoLink Office to better capture and document events such as:

  • Lack of WyoLink Coverage
  • Unfamiliar with WyoLink Devices and/or Operations
  • WyoLink System (outage, or busy)
  • WyoLink Works (Incident & Event Comments)
  • Request WyoLink Training

To access the WyoLink Feedback Form, click here.

Staying Connected

WyoLink & PSCC Informational Notices To receive WyoLink and PSCC Informational Notices (PSCC Meetings, WyoLink Interoperable Communication Informational Notices, etc.), contact Katie Pfister at (307) 777-4015.

GovDelivery Notices:  WyoLink is using GovDelivery through the Wyoming Department of Transportation to provide updates on service, repairs, and any maintenance affecting availability of the WyoLink System. Visit GovDelivery to sign up.

Contact Information

Neil Gardiner 
WyoLink Support Manager
Wyoming Department of Transportation
5300 Bishop Blvd.
Cheyenne, WY  82001
(307) 777-4756

“Mission:  To save lives and protect property.”