Important Transit Announcements

Below you will find information from your Local Government Coordination staff that may be of use.

Calendar Year 2017 Intercity Bus Application

Below is the application for the 2017 Intercity Bus Program. The Office of Local Government Coordination estimates that $1,151,838 (est.) will be available for projects for calendar year 2017.  Applications are due October 28, 2016. Please contact our office if you have any questions.

E-mail addresses for all state employees have changed

Please review your latest Wyoming Transit newsletter or contact your LGC staff for the updated e-mail addresses.

New funding programs released by FTA

The Federal Transit Administration (FTA) recently issued a list of forthcoming competitive funding opportunities for fiscal 2011. The idea behind the funding is to strengthen and improve public transit throughout the United States.

The FTA has created five grant programs to total more than $1 billion.
These grants reflect three of FTA’s highest priorities:
1. State of Good Repair
2. Sustainability
3. Livability

The State of Good Repair program was to replace or upgrade aging buses and bus facilities. There was $750 million. The deadline for this grant has already passed. To support sustainability there are two different programs available.

The first is Clean Fuels Bus program for replacing diesel-powered vehicles with $51.5 million available. There is also the “TIGGER III” program for capital investments to reduce energy consumption with $49.9 million. Both of those programs have an application deadline of Aug. 23.

The final two programs fell under the term of livability. The first was the Alternatives Anaylsis planning program to help communities evaluate the best transit options to meet needs. There was $25 million available. The second was the “Bus & Bus Facilities” program to purchase and replace buses and build bus-related facilities with $150 million. Both livability grant deadlines have passed.

If you have a project that you feel fits into any of these programs, please contact Taylor Rossetti at (307) 777-4438 to discuss applying for these funding opportunities.

FY 2018 - 2020 DBE goal for transit projects

In accordance with the requirements of the U.S. Department of Transportation as set forth in 49 C.F.R. Part 26, as amended, the Wyoming Department of Transportation – Office of Local Government Coordination in Cheyenne, Wyoming 82009, hereby notifies the public that it is recommending the following Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) goal for applicable professional services, construction and procurement contracts during Fiscal Years 2018-2020, beginning October 1, 2018 to September 30, 2020.  The overall total DBE goal for Fiscal Years 2018-2020 is 1.0%.  Information pertaining to this goal and a description of how it was selected is available for inspection from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. MST at the Wyoming Department of Transportation – 5300 Bishop Blvd., Planning Building Room 210 for 30 calendar days following the date of publication of this notice.  Written Comments on this goal will be accepted for 45 calendar days from the date of publication of this notice.  The comments are for informational purposes only and may be sent to the DBE Officer, same address, AND to the Regional Civil Rights Officer, Federal Transit Administration, Region 8, 1961 Stout Street, Suite 13301, Denver, Colorado 80294-3007.

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