Monthly Road Closure Information

The Wyoming Department of Transportation compiles closure information for each department-maintained route on a monthly basis. 

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WYDOT Data Interpretation

Please be aware of the following:  

 ●     WYDOT uses section-based reporting to indicate road conditions and road closures. The  data shown indicates the worst-case closure scenario. If any section along a given route  is closed, the entire route is treated as "closed".
 ●     Closure data is shown as the percentage of hours the designated route is closed in a  month. The number of hours varies based on the number of days in each month.
 ●     Commercial vehicle closure data includes closures to light, high-profile vehicles due to  strong winds.
 ●     Closure data for passenger vehicles does not include strong-wind closures to light,  high-profile vehicles.
 ●     Data reflects full closures initiated by maintenance employees or Highway Patrol  Troopers. Single lane closures or delays due to crashes that do not close the roads will  not be reflected in the data.
 ●     "Commuter hours" include weekends.
 ●     The data does not include ramp closures or lane restrictions due to construction.



Additional Reports For Specific Winter Storm Periods

The Wyoming Department of Transportation is providing the following road closure data to inform the public about recent closures, how long they lasted and what conditions occurred during those closures.

When viewing this report, the public can learn when a section closed, the direction of the closure and the reason for the closure. During closures, WYDOT will update the status of each section, so the data could show multiple dates and times, statuses and closure reasons for each section.

To get additional historical road closure data, contact WYDOT


February 8 -28, 2023


March 1 -14, 2022


March 10-18, 2021

Jan. 22-25, 2021


Nov. 1-16, 2020

June 8-9, 2020:

Feb. 29-March 4, 2020:

Feb. 13-18, 2020:

Feb. 1-6, 2020:

Yearly Road Closure Reports

Yearly road closure data: 2017-2022