Wyoming Wildlife is Worth the Watching


As you enjoy Wyoming’s high plains and deserts, be sure to watch for pronghorn antelope, wild horses, golden eagles, sage grouse and any of the other more than 600 species of free-ranging wildlife that inhabit our state.

Herds of pronghorn antelope still race across Wyoming deserts and high plains. Grizzly bears still roam Wyoming’s rugged mountains. Among the scattered juniper and limber pine of the foothills, look for mule deer, chipmunks and turkey vultures. Some highways pass near Wyoming wetlands, streams and rivers where beaver, muskrats and great blue herons are often seen. In the river bottoms of western Wyoming, moose and bald eagles are common sites.

At higher elevations, elk are more prevalent, and above Wyoming’s timberlines you may run into pikas and bighorn sheep. Sit in an alpine meadow ablaze with wildflowers, and feel a Wyoming breeze ruffle your hair. Hear the haunting cry of a great horned owl, coyotes’ howls communicating across a high plains evening, the bugle of a bull elk.

We think you’ll find Wyoming’s wildlife is indeed “Worth the Watching.”