Requesting Letters of Interest (LOI) for a National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Program Consultant

The Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) is requesting letters of interest (LOI) for a National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Program Consultant.

Letters are limited to a maximum of two pages and must be submitted on company letterhead. Cover pages are included in the maximum pages. Your Letter of Interest should address the capabilities of your firm to provide the scope of work listed and discuss why your firm is best suited for this project-specific solicitation. The LOI may be scanned and emailed, but must be received no later than August 23, 2022 at 3:00 p.m. Mountain Daylight Time (MDT).

Restrictions on the use of data or information within a LOI must be clearly stated in the LOI itself. Pursuant to Wyoming Statute 16-4-201 through 16-4-205, LOIs are privileged, confidential information only if they contain trade secrets and other valuable information not generally available to competitors. The Department will not release any stated restricted information regarding submitted LOIs. All other information will be considered public information and released upon request by other entities.

WYDOT will acknowledge receipt of LOI submittals, but the burden of submittal and confirmation of receipt prior to the submittal deadline is the sole responsibility of respondents.

Contact by consultants or subconsultants with WYDOT personnel other than those from the Engineering Services Section regarding this request, during this phase of the selection process, will be cause for disqualification.

The preliminary Scope of Work is below.

Responding consultants not already in the WYDOT database must also submit a general Statement of Interest (SOI) that reflects the selection work codes and applicable licensing requirements. Once received, this SOI will remain active in the WYDOT Consultant Registry for a period of two years and may be considered for any future selections for applicable work types.

Consultants with current SOIs may update their CS-6/SOI form in the interest of the below project if desired, but it is not required unless the current SOI does not include the selection work codes.

New or updated SOIs must be received no later than the LOI due date to be considered for this project. The CS-6/SOI form can be found at this link: CS-6/SOI form.

SOIs and LOIs will be used to determine a short list of the most qualified firms (5 minimum if at least 5 LOIs are received) and a Request for Proposals will be sent to just the short-listed firms.

NEVI Program Consultant: Work Codes EE (Electrical Engineering), EED (Electrical Design), PA (Public Affairs), PLS (Planning - Site/Project), & TRE (Transportation Engineering), will be used. This selection will be used to select a consultant that will ensure the procurement, selection process, evaluation, and monitoring of station installation and operation are technically and federally complaint.

Please contact Carissa Pecenka, Engineering Services, 307-777-4225, or Hank Doering, Engineering Services, 307-777-4488, for additional information.