Notice is hereby given that the State Transportation Commission of Wyoming has accepted as completed according to plans, specifications and rules governing the same work performed under that certain contract between the State of Wyoming and listed contractor.  The Contractor is entitled to final settlement, and therefore will be paid in full 41 days after advertising. Contact WYDOT's Budget Office for questions or concerns.

Project(s) Description of Work County Contractor Advertising Date
PEG3A25 Crushing & stockpiling of crushed surface material, salt mixing of designated stockpiles & miscellaneous work Lincoln Avail Valley Construction-WY, Inc. 8/17/2021
ND51903, ND51904 & N343048 Grading, rockfall mitigation & miscellaneous work Park & Hot Springs Oftedal Construction, Inc 9/2/2021
PEB2023 Roof and mechanical equipment for Casper maintenance building Natrona Big Horn Roofing, Inc. 9/6/2021
N203057, N203070, N203A03, N203A04 Grading, draining, milling plant mix, placing crushed base, bituminous pavement surfacing, concrete pavement, sidewalk, curb & gutter, water systems, sewer systems, electrical and miscellaneous work Fremont S&S Builders, LLC 9/7/2021
B194024 Grading, placing crushed base & bridge rehabilitation Campbell S&S Builders, LLC 9/7/2021
ARS3975, PEG2131, PEG3A24 Crushing & stockpiling of crushed surfacing material, salt mixing of designated stockpiles & miscellaneous work Lincoln, Sublette, Sweetwater, Teton & Uinta Avail Valley Construction-WY, LLC 9/8/2021
N852003 Grading, draining, milling plant mix, placing crushed base, bituminous pavement surfacing (recycle), chip seal, box culverts & miscellaneous work Laramie JTL Group, Inc. DBA Knife River 9/8/2021
ELECFTR Upgrade road closure locations Laramie Delta Wye, Inc. 9/15/2021
B184020 Grading, bridge rehabilitation and miscellaneous work Big Horn and Crook S&S Builders, LLC 9/16/2021
5349003 Grading, sidewalk, curb and gutter, electrical and miscellaneous work Campbell Modern Electric Company 10/5/202
PEB2038 Above ground fuel system Fremont Easton Sales & Service, LLC 10/5/2021
I251168 Grading, milling concrete and plant mix, placing crushed and recycled plant mix bases, plant mix wearing course, concrete slab replacement, cable median barrier and miscellaneous work Laramie Simon Contractors 10/6/2021
B201006 Grading, placing crushed base and bituminous pavement surfacing, concrete slab replacement, bridge rehabilitations  and miscellaneous work Laramie Reiman Corp. 10/6/2021
TRFSN20 Upgrading log signs and miscellanous work Albany, Carbon, Laramie, Sweetwater and Uinta S & L Industrial 10/6/2021