Frequently Asked Questions

Questions?  Call Customer Service at 307-777-4800.

What hours are the Exam Stations open?

Office hours and availability may vary by location and/or day.  See the Locations page for details on each location.

How do I apply for a driver license or identification card?

You must appear in person at a Wyoming Exam Station to complete an application, have a photo taken, and pass a vision screening.  You may be required to take a written and/or driving skills test.  For detailed instructions on the application process and a list of required documents, please visit the New License or ID Card page.  You will find the application on the Forms page.

How much will it cost? (Effective July 1, 2021)

     Driver License & Permit Fees:

  • $45 - Class C or Permit
  • $55 - Any class CDL or CLP
  • $11 - Motorcycle (added to class of license)
  • $25 - Restricted License or Permit

Renewal Driver License & Permit Fees:

  • $35 - Class C or Permit
  • $45 - Any class CDL or CLP
  • $11 - Motorcycle (added to class of license)
  • $25 - Restricted License or Permit

    Other fees:

  • $10 -  Identification Card
  • $5 - Driving Record
  • $15 - Record Review
  • $25 - Contested Case Hearing
  • $55 - Non-CDL Probationary License
  • $50 - Reinstatement Fee
  • $5 - Child Support Reinstatement Fee
  • $2 - Emancipated Minor Indication
  • $85 - CDL Skills Test (done by appointment)

Acceptable forms of payment are check, money order, or cash.  Credit or debit card payments are available in some of the Exam Stations, but an additional fee is charged.

My family member has passed away, how do I notify Driver Services?

If they passed away in Wyoming, we will be notified by Wyoming Vital Records and nothing else needs to be done. If their death ocurred out of State, we will need a copy of the death certificate or obituary. Please mail to our mailing address at Driver Services, 5300 Bishop Blvd, Cheyenne, WY 82009 or fax to 307-777-3823.

The photo on my new Driver License/Identification Card looks too dark/light.  Can I get a new photo taken?

Due to the high level security features of the new Wyoming driver license, the photo will not be like the previous version of the Wyoming driver license.  If you are not pleased with the photo, you are welcome to come back to the Driver License Exam Station and purchase a new driver license with a new photo.  At that time our Examiner can attempt to take another photo; however, we can not guarantee the results will be different from the existing card.

 How do I change my address with Driver Services?

The information regarding a change of address is located on the Add/Change Information page.

How can I get a copy of my driving record?

The information to request a copy of your driving record is located on the Driving Records page.

What do I do if I am involved in a crash in Wyoming?

The information regarding a crash in Wyoming is located on the Accident Procedures page.

I am a CDL driver, how do I know my driving status?

You may go to the Driver Certification or click on the "What is my CDL Certification?" on the Forms page to access information regarding CDL driving status.

I lost my Wyoming license and/or ID Card, how do I get a replacement?

Go to the Lost/Renewal page for full details on obtaining a replacement license or ID card.

How do I get a driver license to drive for work during my suspension?

Information regarding an Ignition Interlock License and/or a Probationary License is available from the Suspensions page.

How do I find updates to Wyoming traffic laws?

Information on new traffic laws is available on the General Information page.

How do I apply for a Wyoming Concealed Firearm Permit?

The application form and more information is available on the Wyoming DCI website.  Once your application is submitted to the Sheriff's Office, a copy will be given to you to take to your local Driver Services office to be photographed for the permit.  This must be done within 5 days of your application.  Please do not proceed with the photo process until you have applied at the Sheriff's Office.