What are the parameters requiring Web services, monthly reporting and/or exemption?

  • Required to use a web service and do monthly reporting (500 policies or more) 
  • Required to do monthly reporting (25 to 499 policies) 
  • Exempt, but required to supply a spreadsheet of Wyoming personal policy and vehicle information, when any and all changes occur (less than 25 policies) 

What are the procedures for connectivity testing?

To begin Web service connectivity testing for the WY FRVP, please forward the following information to the Help Desk at support@wyfrvp.com: 

  • NAIC codes and the corresponding company names of the underwriting companies that will be responding to verification requests through the Web service
  • The Web service URL(s)
  •  A time frame during which you would like to conduct the testing
  • (Optional) Your SSL certificate for installation in the VeriSol trust store.
  • Once the e-mail is received, you will be sent the following information: 
  • The SSL certificate identifying the WY FRVP servers that are hosting the VeriSol Vehicle Insurance Verification (VIV) service
The IP addresses that identify the source of the verification requests.

Will paper proof of insurance supersede the electronic response?

That will be at the discretion of the Law Enforcement Officer. 

When the verification request is corrupt or the data is invalid in some way, what is the verification response from the web service?

If you use the ANSI schema dated Oct. 2005 you can use the following reason codes to supplement an unconfirmed response: 
  •  Incorrect Data Format
  •  Missing Unique Key
  •  Missing NAIC Code
  •  Missing VIN
  •  Missing Verification Date
  •  Unauthorized Requestor
  •  System Cannot Locate Unique Key (Policy) Information
  •  System Found Unique Key (Policy) - No Coverage on Date Requested
  •  System Found Unique Key (Policy) - VIN Cannot Be Verified
  •  System Found VIN - Unique Key (Policy) Cannot Be Verified
  •  System Unavailable 

How and when do I submit my Full book of Business?

Monthly book of business files are submitted between the 1st and 15th of the month using FTP.

What is the appropriate Book of Business reporting format?

The Wyoming Guide for Insurers contains specifications for the only approved reporting format. Reporting in any other format must receive prior approval. 

What formats can be sent to VeriSol for reporting the book of business?

Excel Spreadsheets, pipe-delimited file or a fixed-length record file. 

Do we verify Comp coverage?

No, only verify minimum Liability coverage. 

What is required in the verification response?

The required data elements in a verification response based on the ANSI 00200510 schema are: 
  • ResponseCode
  • NAIC
  • VerificationDate
  • UniqueKey
  • PolicyState
In addition to those elements, we would like for you to send: 
  • TrackingNumber
  • UnconfirmedReasonCode

Will web service performance be monitored?

VeriSol will monitor and report on the number of verification requests and responses sent to each insurer and track the response time.