How do I get a driver's license to drive for work during my suspension?

You must send in a written request and $15 for a record review. Please be sure to provide a current address in your request.  A review of your record will be conducted to determine if you are eligible for a probationary license. If you are eligible, the necessary forms will be sent to you for completion. The forms must be returned as soon as possible, along with the $55 fee for a probationary driver's license to be issued. If the suspension is alcohol related, you will be required to get an alcohol assessment before a probationary driver's license can be issued. If an SR-22 is required, it must be on file before a probationary license can be issued.

How much does it cost to get a probationary driver's license?

The initial fee for a record review to determine if you're eligible for a probationary license is $15. If you are approved there would be an additional issuance fee of $55.

Will I be notified by mail if I am approved for a probationary license?

Yes, you will either be sent an acceptance letter and a packet of forms OR a denial letter explaining why a probationary license cannot be issued.

Does everyone have to go to counseling prior to being issued a probationary license?

Yes, if you are applying for a probationary license for an alcohol related offense, you will have to have an alcohol assessment completed by a counselor.

Do I have to attend a DUI class even if the court says I don't have to?

Yes, if you are approved for a probationary license for an alcohol related offense, the Department's minimum requirement is a standard 8 hour DUI education class approved by the Wyoming Department of Health. However, if the counselor recommends additional treatments, you must complete those too.

If I am issued a probationary license and something needs changed on it, what do I do?

You would need to send a letter to the Department explaining the circumstances. If the change is one that can be added, we will mail you a new application and any other documents that may apply. The reissuance fee is $55.

If I have two moving violation suspensions, can I have a probationary license for both?

No, you can only have one probationary license in a five year period, covering one suspension only.

For what reasons would I be denied a probationary driver's license?

  1. If your driver license is expired or you have never been issued a license.

  2. If a prior probationary license had been issued in the previous 5 years

  3. If you are currently under a suspension or other action in Wyoming or other state

  4. If you are currently under a suspension that can be taken care of by yourself. Examples include paying a fine with a court, paying the reinstatement fee,  taking steps as outlined to clear an accident suspension

  5. If the suspension action is not allowable by state statute. Examples include a second or subsequent Driving Under the Influence conviction, a revocation, disqualification, or denial.

  6. If your Commercial Driver License privileges are disqualified, you would have to drop down to a Class C license prior to being issued the probationary driver's license.

  7. If you have an Ignition Interlock Requirement.