Data Collection Manual

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This manual is intended for use by the employees of the Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT) and private consulting firms involved in the collection of survey data. The information in this manual supplements existing manuals provided by hardware and software vendors.


All figures in Chapter 5 have been adapted from the Wyoming Department of Transportation Standard Plans.

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The State of Wyoming, Wyoming Department of Transportation

Web Edition,  2016.


Over the past dozen years, each field office, working in conjunction with the Photogrammetry & Surveys Section (P&S), have demonstrated that the use of new equipment and technology can create cost effective, high-quality surveys and mapping.  It is our goal to further standardize the collection and transfer of survey data with each manual revision.  In addition, the consultant community can use this manual to conform to the WYDOT preliminary surveying procedures. 

This revision of the manual reflects the use of new equipment and software that is being utilized for data collection, processing, and mapping.  The individual chapters in this manual have also been re-organized. Some chapters have been combined while others have been eliminated altogether.

Chapters 2, 3 and 6 are devoted to the setup and operation of the Trimble TSC2 data collector and optical total stations.  Refer to chapters 4 and 5 for information regarding feature codes and their use. Chapter 7 describes the process of transferring survey data from the data collector to a computer or laptop. Chapter 8 is a guide on editing and mapping surveying data with MicroStation and Geopak. Information regarding the operation of the Leica digital level is now in Chapter 9.  Finally, Chapter 10 discusses the procedures for submitting survey data to P&S.

By publishing this manual on the WYDOT intranet website, it is much easier to keep its content as current as possible. Any comments or suggestions submitted from the users of this manual would be greatly appreciated.  We are now able to incorporate additions, deletions, corrections and general improvements to the manual almost overnight.  Hard copy updates will not be distributed at this time.  It is recommended that interested parties print any or all chapters as needed.

Many of the Chapters in this manual have been revised to reflect recent P&S changes.  Since the fall of 2013, all new WYDOT projects have been mapped using Geopak SS3.  Chapter 8 has been revised to illustrate this change.  Also, in early 2016 P&S will introduce the revised feature code list PS15.  Chapter 4 has been updated with the PS15 feature codes and details the changes from PS09.


Curtis Clabaugh
State Photogrammetry & Surveys Engineer
Revised January, 2016