Organized Motor Vehicle Show (Off-Site Sale) Permits

Licensed motor vehicle dealers may sell vehicles from a location other than their principal place of business with a permit from the department.

Off-Site Sale Permit Requirements:

  • The licensed vehicle dealer must apply for an off-site sale permit at least 14 days prior to the sale,
  • The sale may not exceed seven consecutive days,
  • The licensed vehicle dealer may only hold four off-site sales per calendar year,
  • The off-site sale must be held within the county of the dealer's principal place of business or within the dealer's relevant market area,
  • The off-site sale permit must be displayed at the location of the sale where it may be examined by an investigator or law enforcement.

Off-Site Sale Permit Application:

  • The Off-Site Sale Permit Application must be submitted to WYDOT Compliance & Investigation at least 14 days prior to the sale,
  • Contact Compliance & Investigation for further information:  (307) 777-3815, 
  • Submit the Off-Site Sale Permit Application via fax: (307) 777-4229, via email:, via regular mail: WYDOT Compliance & Investigation, 5300 Bishop Blvd., Cheyenney WY 82009.

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