Snake River bridge lanes north of Hoback Junction now open

December 19, 2022

The Wyoming Department of Transportation would like to inform drivers that all the lanes on the Snake River bridge north of the Hoback Junction are open for use as of today.  The new lane configuration will include two lanes for northbound traffic from the Hoback Junction to Jackson and two lanes for southbound traffic from Jackson to the Snake River bridge and then one lane past the bridge to the Hoback Junction.  Crews will be back in the spring to complete some punchlist items to complete the work. 

“We plowed the snow off the previously closed road sections.  They may be icy for a day or so until it melts off completely,” resident engineer Bob Hammond said. 

WYDOT would also like to warn drivers that the lane markings on this section may be difficult to see, despite striping efforts this fall. 

“The lane lines are there, but they are somewhat faint because of the recent weather conditions and plowing,” Hammond said. 

The project is the second half of a broader corridor improvement project between the Hoback Junction and Jackson on US 26/89/189/191.  The work included paving and a bridge replacement, concrete retaining walls, pathways and wildlife crossings as well as miscellaneous work north of the Hoback Junction.   

WYDOT would like to remind drivers to remember to obey all roadside signs, traffic control devices and road closures.  For more information, visit our web site at