Telecommunications Program purpose: Provide reliable telecommunications for public-safety and transportation efficiency. Specifically:

  • Provide WYDOT with one-stop-shopping for telecommunications, exchanging voice, data and video information between distant locations on shared telephone, microwave and mobile radio infrastructure.
  • Give balanced telecommunications service and support to all customers, including other agencies as appropriate, and to meet responsibilities with due priority.
  • Provide technical integration and support of electronics systems in DOT vehicles and on Wyoming roadways.
  • Provide system architecture expertise for connecting distant information systems using appropriate communications.


Telecommunications 2015

The Telecommunications Program maintained WYDOT’s sophisticated telecommunications systems at very high levels of reliability, averaging over 99.9% for mission critical communications.  We maintain and inspect over 200 Telecommunications Infrastructure radio sites and electronics suites statewide that are considered to be crucial WYDOT infrastructure assets; of these, only 1 Site (0.5%) is below “Acceptable” condition, due to a tower that will be replaced this year. Our critical radio systems include public safety radio repeaters, microwave communications, dispatch consoles, and telephone systems; as well as WYDOT building wiring, data communications to roadside devices, and more than 2,000 mobile/portable radios. 

“WyoLink” is Wyoming’s statewide, public-safety, interoperable radio communications system. The Telecommunications Program has finished 55 of the 55 planned WyoLink core sites. These are providing service to about 149 Local, State and Federal public-safety agencies. Two additional core sites were completed during the Summer of 2015. Also, WyoLink Portable Coverage Enhancement sites are drastically improving WyoLink handheld radio coverage for local agencies in thirteen municipalities; work has been completed in 2015 on one more in Pinedale. The project has enjoyed growing participation from Wyoming public safety agencies and steadily growing usage. Continued Legislative funding for ongoing support and regular update services is being sought.

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The Telecommunications Program worked to optimize WYDOT’s use of WyoLink mobile and portable radios for all operations. This included evaluating coverage gaps, enhancing training, and continuing dialog with our customers to plan changes to their radios to better serve their needs.
We continued to improve WYDOT’s statewide telephone network, contributing technical expertise for new WYDOT facilities, some which will  replace conventional telephone desk sets with Voice over IP technology. We continue to cut cost and improve speed and effectiveness by replacing old circuits with advanced data communications technologies, coordinating with WYDOT IT and ETS for WYDOT facility data communications upgrades.
The Telecommunications Program supplies expertise necessary for progress on many projects that require roadside data communications, coordinating with other programs. We continued to improve our real-time monitoring of our mission-critical roadside communications network, for better system reliability and network availability. We are working more closely than ever before with the IT, Traffic and ITS Programs to install new roadside and wireless broadband communications at the roadside, including communications for the “Connected Vehicles” federal (grant) initiative.