Undyed diesel fuel purchased and used in Wyoming in a non-highway manner is subject to a refund of the $.23 motor fuel license tax.  Refund request forms with receipts or invoices showing date of purchase, gallons purchased and price per gallon must be submitted within one year following the date of purchase. Any diesel fuel user who is entitled to a minimum refund of tax of $250 in any calendar month may apply for the refund at any time after the last day of the month.
In addition to the undyed diesel refund, the University of Wyoming, community colleges and public schools may request a refund of the $.23 motor fuel license tax  on gasoline or gasohol purchased for use in Wyoming. These requests must be filed monthly and are invalid if not submitted within one year following date of purchase.
For your convenience, end-user calculation spreadsheets are available by quarter. This spreadsheet will calculate a refund due on fuel tax and sales tax withholding. 
**PLEASE NOTE: An updated Agricultural End-User Refund Form can be found in the file list below.**
  • The refund documents are to be printed and submitted on letter-sized paper.
  • The spreadsheets should be printed on legal-sized paper.

Quarterly End-User Calculation Spreadsheets

End-User Calculation Spreadsheet 4th Quarter 2021 (64  KB)
End-User Calculation Spreadsheet 2nd Quarter 2022 (64  KB)
End-User Calculation Spreadsheet 3rd Quarter 2022 (64  KB)