Highway Safety Behavioral Grants

Competitive Federal Grants

Visit Grants.gov to search for federal grant opportunties.

Use the following parameters to narrow your search to transportation related projects:  

  • Under the Eligibility drop down, check the boxes "County governments", "City or township governments"  and "others"
  • Under the Category drop down, check the box  "Transportation"
  • Under the Agency drop down, check the box "All Department of Transportation [DOT]"

Please note that you will need to set up a user account through Grants.gov in order to automatically update and save your results.  Otherwise you'll need to put in the above parameters each time you log on to the site. 

For more information about the application process and the grants.gov portal please reference the document below.  


Contact this Division 


Grant Guidance: Application Submission Basics for Federal Grants (5  MB)