The Utilities Section is the principal organization within WYDOT for providing utility adjustments and new utility services. It is responsible for the investigation and conflict resolution for utility companies affected by WYDOT construction projects and/or maintenance activities. This section in conjunction with the district offices regulates utility companies wishing to use WYDOT's right of way as a utility corridor. The Utilities Section is in the headquarters building in Cheyenne. You can reach us by phone or by email at

The Utility Accommodations govern all facilities within the highway right of way. These policies are accessible via Current Rules, Transportation > Utility Accommodations. 

In order to place a utility within WYDOT's right of way (M-54), or to access an existing facility for maintenance and/or repair (M-21), the utility owner must complete the application process in our online licensing system, MaintStar, located at Currently, we require any utility company needing access to the MaintStar system to contact the district in which you want to apply for the license or permit or to email to set up your login credentials. 

The M-54 license packet (M-54 License Packet) (formerly E-54), in fillable PDF format, contains the majority of the utility license forms required to place a utility within WYDOT right of way. In order to acquire unique stipulations, the utility company must contact the appropriate WYDOT district office in which the facility is to be placed and submit the M-54 license forms to that office.  There is currently no charge for this license.

 The master list for approved engineering consultants is provided for all companies to comply with the required stipulation that states that they will certify that their facilities will be installed in accordance with the License.

The M-21 Permit packet in fillable PDF format, contains the general instructions, the State district map, and the Form M-21.  This Permit is used for maintenance and repairs of M-54 licensed facilities as well as adding service taps to existing licensed facilities.  The M-21 must be submitted to the appropriate district office. There is currently no charge for this permit.

The M-23 Seismograph Cable Permit in fillable PDF format, is used for placing seismic cable within WYDOT right-of-way.

Additional Information:

  • The Shared Resource Agreement is used in conjunction with the M-54 license for parallel encroachments of fiber optic facilities to support the State of Wyoming broadband initiative to promote broadband connectivity between rural communities, and the agency "Dig-Once" policy. Please refer to Operating Policy 19-3 for more information. 
    Please contact the Utilities Section Supervisor, Brianne Langdon at (307) 777-4149 for more information regarding Shared Resource Agreements.

  • 2017 Maintenance Section Reference Book lists all state highways by both the LRS Route used by WYDOT (example ML-23B) and the national highway system route number, (example US 30).  All intersections with other highways, interchanges, separations, bridges, and WYDOT facilities are listed by reference marker (milepost) sorted by county.

  • Traffic Control for Roadway Work Operations 2011 edition

  • When a Material Test Report (MTR) or other certification that American Steel was used is not available, please complete and return the appropriate Buy American Certification Form:  Adjustment AgreementService Agreement.

  • Typical Section for using in license and permit exhibits.

  • A 2019 state map with contact information for each district.

  • For information on how to read WYDOT Plans please consult the Plans Reading Course.  (January 2016 edition)

  • For information on the Utilities Section responsibilities, Adjustment Agreements, Licensing information, and exhibits, please consult the Utility Procedures Course.

  • The Utility Company Contact Form is available to update the following, point of contact for notification of upcoming projects and communications regarding any licenses or permits. In addition, you may use this form to update a change of ownership or a change to the company name, both of which must be accompanied by supporting documentation.

  •  One-Call of Wyoming information.

  • Highway Milepost KMZ file for Google Earth.  Clicking this link will result in the file being downloaded to your computer.  Depending on your browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, etc. and your download settings, the file will show at the bottom of your screen,  be downloaded to your Downloads folder, or you will asked where you want to Save the file.  Once downloaded, copy this file into Google Earth and "Save to My Places".  Wyoming will be populated by red dots.  Clicking on any red dot will display the Route (WY 789), LRS Route (ML21) and milepost.