Purple Heart Recipient Plates


Any person who presents documented proof that he/she is an official recipient of the United States Military Purple Heart Award may apply to the department for a Purple Heart Recipient Plate.

General Provisions

1.    Vehicle must be titled in the name of the applicant or may be joint ownership with a member of the immediate family.

2.    All applications for special license plates shall be made directly to the county treasurer at least 60 days before registration of the vehicle expires.

3.    All special license plates are issued once in an 8 year period and must be renewed annually not later than the last day of the annual registration month. Renewals are completed through the office of the county treasurer.
4.    Upon transfer of ownership of the vehicle to which the plates were issued, the registration expires and the plates must be removed. After acquiring another vehicle, application may be made to transfer the license registration number to the newly acquired vehicle.
5.    The county treasurer will forward 2 copies of the approved application to WYDOT, who will indicate the assigned plate number and return a copy of the application and the plates to the county treasurer.
6.    Each applicant must be a Wyoming resident.
WYDOT Motor Vehicle Services
5300 Bishop Boulevard
Cheyenne WY  82009

Purple Heart Recipient Plates Application